Theodore Roosevelt is a recurring character in TWD. He first appeared in episode 10 where he hit on Shaq, and found his true love Pacman. He has popped up in a couple of episodes but got another major appearance in his own episode in season seven called Pacman and Teddy's Big Adventure. He is part of the Meme Force

Personality: Roosevelt is highly ambitious, brave and charming. He was forceful and decisive and had good oratory skills, his words were emphasized by various gestures. Roosevelt is also very loyal shown by his devotion to his boyfriend Pacman.

Powers-Roosevelt is known to speak softly and carry big stick. The big stick Roosevelt owns is magical and gives Roosevelt a variety of attacks. Roosevelt can discharge magic blasts from the big stick. The big stick can also create a shield that can absorb anything to protect themselves from any incoming attacks and release them later.

Love Life-When we first meet Roosevelt he is shown to be very flirtatious, but after meeting Pacman, Roosevelt has shown an undying love for Pacman
Theodore roosevelt