SoFlowAntonio is a recurring villain in TWD. He first appears in season 3 as part of the Sneaky Pranksters, who at time was under the leadership of Sam Pepper. He appeared for seasons 3 through 8 as Sam's right hand man, until season 9 where he cut Sam's dick off and stabbed him in the head with an axe. With Sam out of the picture, SoFlow became leader of the pranksters. In season 10 he is still leading the Sneaky Pranksters who are now a sub group of the Illumanti. Sam comes back though and the two fight for leadership of the Sneaky Pranksters, with SoFlow being forced to choke on his own penis.

Powers-Soflo can steal other peoples powers and use them as his own. He is also a master chess player and he never lies.