Sam pepper lkikes gay sex

Sam Pepper is a recurring antagonist in TWD. He first appeared in the season 3 episode It's Just A Prank Bro. He is known for being a rapey, creepy, and an all around perv. He considers himself a prankster, even though most of his youtube pranks are staged. When Sam Pepper is not staging pranks, he is sexually abusing women on the street. He is the leader of a group of fellow pervs, called the Sneaky Pranksters. In episode 19 of season 9 he gets his dick cut off and gets an axe to the head. It turns out that Sam is immortal and the axe in his head is actually a parasitic alien named Jeff. Even though he is immortal his dick never grew back.

Personality-Sam Pepper is creepy, perverted, and annoying. He always does stupid things that could harm others but when he gets caught he just tells them "Its just a prank bro" and runs away.

Powers-It is revealed in season 9 that Sam is immortal and he can not die. Other than that he kinda sucks at fighting.