Rhek is a recurring villain from season 2 and onwards of TWD. He is the cousin of Shrek and rules the country of Rhektopia with an iron fist. He joins Drek in the Ogre Wars arch in season 2. After this he will appear occasionally to challenge Shrek's title as the dankest ogre.

Personality:Rhek is a red ogre and loves war and Call of Duty. He rules his kingdom of Rhektopia as judge, jury, and executioner. He hates the Meme Force, thinking that they are weak and not swaggy. He hates John Cena because he beat him in an arm wrestling contest and Shrek most of all.

Powers:Rhek can harness the reg ogre power source known as the beet. The beet gives him super strength and hardcore no-scoping skills.

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