Prison Mike is a major character in season 136 and a recurring one onwards in TWD. He is a former inmate of Donger Prison and a current member of the Meme Force.

Backstory-Prison Mike was first seen in season 136 as a inmate of Donger Prison, the most heavily guarded prison on earth. He was sent there because he use to deal the illegal substance known as Cool Ranch DewO'Weed, an addictive substance combining Cool Ranch Doritos, AIDS injected Mountain Dew, and Weed forged in cum. He was sentenced to 25 years and has now stopped dealing and he his trying to do his time. In season 136 when Shrek is sent to Donger Prison, Mike befriends him and looks out for him. He is the second most prominently seen character for season 136 behind Shrek. After Mike and Shrek are let out of prison he is let out of prison and joins the Meme Force.

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