Joel Owell better known as Pepsi Man, is villain in TWD. He is the major antagonist of the season 2 episode Here Comes Pepsi Man. Since then he as become more of an nuisance then an actual threat to the Meme Force. In the season 9 episode Dimensional Oi, it is revealed that an a alternate dimension that Shaq becomes Pepsi Man. He had another major role in the season 11 two parter episode called Cola Wars.

Personality-Pepsi Man is an unemployed, divorced, lazy 43 year old man who is addicted to Pepsi and never takes off his Pepsi themed morph suit. He has an extreme addiction to Pepsi, so much that he will commit crimes just to get some Pepsi putting him at odds with the Meme Force.

Powers-Because of all the Pepsi Pepsi Man has had, his penis has become an actual bottle of Pepsi. When he whips it out he can blast powerful Pepsi blasts from his long john. He also can drink special power pepsis that give him certain powers for 69 seconds.