Otis is a major villain in season 136 and a recurring one onwards of TWD. Otis is an inmate of Donger Prison and is one of the most feared members of the prison and he was originally arrested for many separate charges including murder, terrorism, large-scale drug trafficking, grand theft auto, assault, bank theft, and rape with most of these crimes happening on multiple accounts. In season 136 he is first seen in the weight room glaring at Shrek, which almost causes a fight between the two with Prison Mike having to break it up. Angry at both Mike and Shrek he gets revenge by raping and killing there friend Calculator in the showers. This causes Shrek to punch Otis in the dick starting a feud between the two lasting throughout the series.

In the finale of season 136 Otis escapes prison and meets Alf and he decides to join the Meaty Men. He then becomes Alf's second in command for the group.

Personality Edit

Otis is known for his bad temper and attitude. Doing something as petty as cutting him in line or saying an insult under your breathe could leave you raped, injured, or dead.

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