Mr Tinfoil
Mr Tinfoil appears as a major villain in season 136.

Originally Mr Tinfoil was a normal man with a normal life, living in a normal neighborhood with a normal wife.

One day Mr Tinfoil consumed a MLG formula which changed him into a psychopathic, killing machine. The side effects of the formula caused him to kill his wife and brutally murder the entire neighborhood.

Mr Tinfoil began his new life in a dumpster where he would survive off of eating dreck, he managed to steal an iPad from a homeless person. Mr Tinfoil began his obsession with watching Leafy and fell in love with him as a result.

Tinfoil moved into an abandoned meme fortress where he would form a plot to take over the land and protect Leafy from anyone who would try to harm his love for him.

Months after all the destruction, the Meme Force decided to do something about it when they contacted Bill Nye to construct a reversal of Tinfoil's formula. However Mr Tinfoil vanished without a trace once the meme force got to his fortress, to this day some people still speculate that Lord Illumni has something to do with his disappearance.

Powers Edit

Mr Tinfoil has sharp singing abilities and is fueled by tinfoil.