Johnny Test is a major villain through out all seasons of TWD. He is first shown to be Shrek's lover, but it is revealed in the final episode of season one, that Johnny is actually Lord Illumni, leader of the Illuminati. He first appears in the episode Cyber Stroker's as Lord Illumni and as Johnny in the episode Bling Bling Boy's Big Oi. Johnny was thought to be killed in season 1, but he comes back in season 4 with a vengeance.

Personality-At first, Johnny appeared to be a modest, polite, well-meaning, affable, responsible, reasonable, honest, good-natured, unassuming, loving and harmless person. However, in truth, he was arrogant, selfish, greedy, power-hungry, unreasonable, , sadistic, ruthless, and violently unpredictable.

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