Greb Gooblin

The Gren Gooblin, is a recurring villain in seasons 26 through 28 of TWD. He is first seen in season 26, robbing the National Bank of Memes, in Dankville. He is captured but manages to severely injure John Cena, with his trademark Gooblin Bomb. He is later reveled to Spoderman's best friend Newman Ozzboin. He then breaks out of prison and kills Dr.Dolittle. After Dolittle's funeral the Meme Force, hunts down Gooblin down and defeats him. Gooblin returns in season 27, this time with a team of villains known as the Gooblin 6. This team includes Pepsi Man, Meat Master, Killer Memestar, Dr.Octagonapus, Review Movie World, and himself. He is killed in season 28.