1. Origins
  2. Island of Doom
  3. Betrayal
  4. Duel of the Dank
  5. Cyber Strokers
  6. Hellish Oi Part 1
  7. Hellish Oi Part 2
  8. Hellish Oi Part 3
  9. Bling Bling Boy's Big Oi
  10. The Green Wedding
  11. Cory in the Swamp
  12. Gotta Go Fast
  13. The Rise of Uncle Ian
  14. The Conquest of Kwame
  15. PC in Me
  16. Westboro Baptist Oi
  17. Game Ogre
  18. Rise of the Illuminati Part 1
  19. Rise of the Illuminati Part 2
  20. Rise of the Illuminati Part 3

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