Duck Cunt is a recurring character in seasons 8 and onwards of TWD. He is Dong's lab partner and is a member of Meme Force

History-Duck Cunt's real name is Duckason O' Cunter, and Dong first found him homeless on the street. Dong feeling horny decides to pay Duck for sex. After Duck Cunt sucks Dong's penis and Dong does him in the butt, Dong recruits Duck Cunt as his lab assistant and test subject. He and Dong are recruited to the Meme Force and he is basically used as a sex toy by many of the members of the Meme Force including an incident where Shrek fucks Duck in the ass with a jump rope. This causes Duck to go on a duck molesting spree. In the episode Dong's Downfall Part 1 and 2, Duck is recruited to cover up the murder of Clipart Guy and he is paid by Dong to burry his body and blame the death on Blender. After doing this Dong is so proud of him that they date for a short time but Dong dumps him.

Personality-Duck Cunt is known around the Meme Force as an obnoxious, cowardly, cunt who is obedient to anyone that fucks his butt.

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